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I've been using SAS VA 7.4. One of the major issues in using VA is the lack of two-way interactions between report objects.


Lets assume I have a scatter plot and list table in the same section. I would like to be able to select one or several points from the graph and brush/filter them to the list table and vise versa: by selecting a row or rows on the list table I'd get the selected observations (or subjects) highlighted in the graph.


Also I would like that these interactions (brushing or filtering) would be supported between sections.


(I usually have multiple tables which include an ID variable, so solutions which depend on the data being in the same table are, at least for me, inadequate.)

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Thanks for your idea! "Automatic two-way filters" was implemented in SAS Visual Analytics 8.2. Here's the most current release (8.3) doc for reference: About Automatic Two-Way Filters.