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Possibilities for use:

  • reading names of objects, i.e. process flows, program nodes, notes
  • changing names of objects
  • searching program code text
  • changing program code.  E.g.: the use of SAS programs to perform search and replace.
Super User

The problem is that the SAS workspace server instance working for the Enterprise Guide does not have, per definition, a direct connection to the EG internals itself. So EG would have to write all the data into a structure in the current WORK directory, from where SAS could glean the information. Any change made would then require an immediate rewrite of that structure. On ALL servers you are currently connected to, on top of that.

Just thinking of the delay caused by sending that data to the three workspace servers I'm currently connected to when I simply open a project makes me feel this is not a good idea.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Planned

There isn't a plan to add SAS "view" back into what you've got in the active project.  However, here are a couple of tools:

  • The Project Reviewer custom task, which can report on the tasks within your project -- it does turn that metadata into SAS data sets.
  • You can use EG automation APIs to report on the contents of a project file in more detail, and even "dump" the contents of code and log to file folders for easier searching.