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In EG, when you double click on a task (e.g., a Query Builder), you are provided a view with four tabs: Input Data, Code, Log, Output Data.  The Input Data and Output Data tabs have dropdown menus if there are more than one datasets input/output by the task.  Programs in the flow, however, leave out the Input Data tab and only show the last three.  Often, when I am writing my programs I end up flipping back and forth between my input sets and the program, which without this tab can be annoying. I think adding this tab could be accomplished in one of two ways:


  1. Show datasets which are linked to the program in question (using the Link [Dataset] To... context menu or by dragging an link arrow)
  2. Scanning and parsing the program for datasets which are being referenced in the program.
SAS Employee

Thanks for the suggestion.  I added it to our database for Product Management.

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration

thank you for this suggestion - we are reviewing for possible inclusion into a future release