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Currently a task can only be linked to a task in the same flow.  Since it is handy to have multiple flows in a project (for documentation or functional clarity), it would be great if we could link a task to a task in a different flow.

SAS Employee

Hi Tom,


I added your request into our system as a new feature request.

R&D and Product Management will review this  request, along with many others, for consideration in a future release.


The only problem I see with the implementation is what the expectation should be when running the entire project.

Since, by default, when you run the project the process flows are executed in sequential order one after the other.


But, for example,  if a task or code object in process flow 1 was linked to an object in process flow 3 then should process flow 2 be skipped unless some other object in another process flow is linked to it?


With just a few links between process flows you can imagine how easily you might get in a loop,

and, having to document and maintain projects of this type could be difficult especially when sharing

or when you turn over these projects  to the next developer.


This is something R&D will have to decide.





Rhodochrosite | Level 12

@BillSawyer what you're describing sounds like a bit of a KCI problem (keyboard-chair-interface), but I would say that a simple error message stating that there is a link that contradicts the default 'entire project' run exists would address the problem. 


It should be easy enough to detect that a task in pf1 links to pf3 and then to pf2. 


Really, though, I don't know why anybody would design a pf1-pf3-pf2 flow instead of simply moving pf2 above pf3 if that was the logical flow.


The important thing is to be able to connect flows, especially in a grid environment.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration