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Instead of needing to set up parameters for each object in the section prompts or report prompts to be used to apply as a local filter to the other objects in the respective report prompt or section prompt areas in order to have filters filter each other, it would be nice to just have the option in the properties pane to check a box that says: "make this filter filter my other section prompt filters" so that filters are only ever showing relevant values in the data.  I do this frequently in dashboards to avoid a situation for a user that selects filter values resulting in 0 returned results.  I like to design the dashboards in a way that will never return 0 results for a user.

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Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

This functionality was implemented in SAS Visual Analytics 7.4. Here are resources that explain how it works: 


Article: VA 7.4: Configure Report or Section Level Cascading Prompts

Video: SAS Visual Analytics: Cascading Prompts

Obsidian | Level 7

It looks like these cascading prompts are only one way?  This still makes it dramatically easier to set up, but can two control objects filter each other in a two way manner?  

Two way interactions in general would be nice for all objects.

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Thanks for your comment, @DevenSmith. "Automatic two-way filters" was implemented in SAS Visual Analytics 8.2. Here's the most current release (8.5) doc for reference: About Automatic Two-Way Filters. You could use this if your control is in the body of the report.