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Our team has run into an issue with loading data from SAS to Netezza through SAS EG for some time. When the load completes, SAS hangs until SAS finishes pulling the data back into the Output Data tab. This can be fixed by selecting the 'Maximum number of datasets to add to the project' to 0. SAS frezzes typically from 6-10 minutes regardless of the file size. This is inconvenient as it is useful to have the table displayed in the output data tab in all other circumstances.


It would be very helpful if there was an option through coding that would allow us to set the max number of output data sets to zero for individual code nodes instead of the entire project.


An example of code where SAS freezes until the results are pulled back into the output data tab.


proc sql;
create table nzanlyp.testing (bulkload=YES bl_options='logdir "s:\temp\netlogs"') as
select *
from test;

Opal | Level 21

If the loading to Netezza is a regular requirement then I suggest you consider running your code in batch mode. SAS Management Console has the ability to schedule and run SAS batch jobs on your SAS App server. This provides a more robust and reliable environment for regular SAS processing, leaving EG for the interactive analytics it is more designed for.

SAS Employee

We do have a hot fix to improve loading times for SAS 7.11  - does this help your situation?



Calcite | Level 5

We are still on SAS EG 6.1   I will bring the hotfix to the attention of our admin though. Thanks

Community Manager
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