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When you browse to where you want to go, it’s expanded. When you add a new file via an ODS or other statement or you save a program, after you’ve done so it reverts back to being collapsed. This can become encumbering particularly during development so if there is/was an option to keep this expanded, that would be great.



Quartz | Level 8

You could add a shortcut of the directory you want under folder shortcuts, this way you could directly open the folder to access your files. I don't think there is a way to keep the server definition expanded. 

SAS Employee

@hequlliot Thanks so much for your feedback!  If you are you running SAS Studio 5.2 there is a hot fix to address this behavior discussed here:


If you are unsure how file fileNavigationRoot is set for your install, you can reference this documentation:

SAS Studio 5.2 Enterprise 

SAS Studio 5.2 Basic 


Please feel free to reach out to SAS Technical Support if we can help in any way.

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented