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SAS Visual Analytics v7.3


Single colour Arrow Indicators in VA would be an important addition to reporting where the level of increase or decrease is key.


An ‘Indicator’ showing just one colour, rather than the multiple colour ‘Gauges’, would greatly enhance things such as 'Year on Year' reporting, where there is no set target.


Single colour arrows; green up, green down, red up and red down 





Traffic Light Indicators are shown on the support page (Output tab):


However, traffic lights and arrows are not currently available in VA.

Calcite | Level 5

This would be a great value for showing Month over Month, Quarter over Quarter and YoY comparisons to the exceutive team

Calcite | Level 5

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Very true.  If SAS VA is ever to replace BI Dashboard and Web Report Studio, then the expectation would be for VA to take existing functionalities found within Dashboard and Web Report Studio and better them / add to them.


For some reason, VA does not offer all of the same KPI options that are available in SAS BI Dashboard.

"There is not a complementary traffic light object [for VA]" -


Single color indicators (arrows + traffic lights) that allow the reader to quickly evaluate data, and sort out good versus bad performance at-a-glance, are a staple found within most BI solutions.


Having this Idea "Implemented" would certainly make sense from a 'SAS VA functionality within the BI marketplace' perspective.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thank you for your idea. There's a gauge display rule that will support a single color (See 8.2 doc: Working with display rules, it's also available in 7.x releases). The addition of icons, such as arrows, is under consideration.


For an immediate approach in 8.2 for incorporating creative visualizations, check out Data-Driven Content described in this article series: Data-Driven Content: leveraging third-party visualizations in SAS Visual Analytics (part 1 of 2).