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I work with SAS EG 8.2.

Please add the functionality that a new programm code is created as an external UTF8 *.sas-file by default. Maybe you need two options, one for internal/external, one for encoding.

Today a new programm code (a) is created by default as an embedded code and (b) you can save it by default only into external as latin (SAVE AS from the embedded menu).

Jade | Level 19

Save as has an option to allow selection of the encoding on save. But this option is just a workaround. I would really love to see some option to allow configuring the default encoding of programs.

Calcite | Level 5

I would really like the ability to set UTF8 as default encoding for programs too - we are moving to EG 8.2 and a lot of our code contains macrons. If we forget to set the encoding when saving they disappear