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Can the scheduler be updated as follows:


1. I submit all jobs in the desired order

2. The scheduler "knows" when one job is completely done so it can start the next one. Is is especially critical when you have data dependencies.


Under the current setup, programmers are required to "guess" the amount of time it will take to do the job when placing them in the scheduler. This usually leads to job time overestimation.

Opal | Level 21

I'm not familiar with the SDD Scheduler but SAS also provides the LSF scheduler which does do what you want and more. 

Tourmaline | Level 20

I think the OP refers to SAS Drug Development scheduling facility.

I don't the details of this application, but generally I think it's a bad idea to create separate scheduling facilities for different SAS products. So IMO, the ballot would be to replace the SDD scheduler with some other scheduling tool which is common to other SAS solutions/application.

SAS Employee



I support SAS Drug Development in SAS Technical Support. If this is for SAS Drug Development 4.2 or higher, you should create a job and then schedule the job to execute. A job runs sequentially.


If this is SAS Drug Development 3.5, then consider using macro variables to indicate completion of programming step.

If you need further assistance you can open Technical Support track by sending an email to In the email, state the version of SDD that you are working with. My team assists with common usage questions.




Pyrite | Level 9

Correct you can use the scheduler but then you have to estimate how much time the job will take prior to the next one starting. But even then, it seems SDD requires some post-run time for everything to be situated especially if there are data dependencies between jobs. Can you set up a “job of jobs” outside the scheduler?