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Hi everyone,


at this moment, SAS VA (SAS Viya 3.5) defaults to redirect a user, when is closing a report, towards "Visualize and Explore". Which is fine but also a little bit strange for a user in 2 main aspects:


  • The "Share and Collaborate" view (aka SAS Drive) shows a list of the reports available, very natural for a user, as it also shows the favorite and recent reports.
  • When a user logs in, it is by default redirected to the "Share and Collaborate" (SAS Drive) view, which is very good idea, however they are not redirected to it when closing a report. Therefore losing some coherence and forcing a user to find the "Share and Collaborate" to back to initial landing page and find a report.

If anyone is interested, this has been discussed with SAS Technical Support in the ticket 7613324421, and the answer was that this is not available at the moment: nor by publicly documented and supported methods, nor by unsupported/undocumented methods, as it is sometimes the case for some Java and application variables.


The request would be to allow the customization of this kind or redirection. For starters, for the event of closing a report and decide that the landing page will be the same as when a user logs in. Further and wider options would be also appreciated and a good idea, although not the main point of this request.


Would it be possible? Any thoughts? Would love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance for the consideration!


Best regards,

Status changed to: Open

In SAS Drive, under your Settings, you can choose to make Share and Collaborate your Initial Screen. It is under SAS Drive > Initial Screen. It is for an individual user, and applies only if you log out. There is no way to change the behavior when you close a report, but the Explore & Visualize interface also has the user's Recent reports, Favorites reports, reports in their My Folder, and the ability to browse for any report. The only thing it does not have are quick access icons. 

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration