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I was wondering why SAS is not automatically upgraded for license users. Why can a patch be made available for users with a valid institutional license?

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SAS upgrades need downtime, so they require human intervention anyway. And we are also talking about multi-gigabyte downloads for a maintenance level.

Opal | Level 21

There are at least two SAS products that prompt you to update and then will automatically do so if you agree. These are SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Add-in to MS Office.

Fluorite | Level 6
Thank you so much for your reply! True to all. However, my issue is with the intervention of IT for every single upgrade. I should be able to upgrade the program myself with the Site License #. This is why my query was about.

Opal | Level 21

I assume you are referring to a PC-based software upgrade to SAS 9.x. This requires the download of a typically 20-30 GB SAS Software depot. I can't imagine this working too well if every SAS user in your organisation copied their own SAS depot - hence the central IT control.

Ammonite | Level 13

If you are talking about upgrades to SAS installed on windows machine, IT teams can package the software and deploy it automatically for every user using auto download and update feature. If you wish to do the upgrade yourself, you should ask IT to allow you a minimum set of super user access wherein you can only change or update files related to SAS. For server related SAS software updates it's better for the IT team to manage.

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Thank you for the idea - there are a series of best practices and recommended steps for upgrading SAS deployments as you can see here:


a number of these are manual steps and don't lend themselves to an automatic type of update