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Our organization is moving from Oracle DB Client (fat client) to Oracle Instant Client (thin client). So as a SAS admin I am forced to use the Instant Client instead of the actually used fat client. But my query to SAS Technical Support showed that the Instant Client is «not officially supported» by SAS Institute, cf. Technical Support Track # 7613206118. Strangely enough SAS mentions the Instant Client in its documentation Configuration Guide for SAS® 9.4 Foundation for UNIX Environments (in the section «SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle» on page 62 and 63). SAS Technical Support proposes us to continue with the fat client,  which collides with the technology release plan of our organization. And moving to the Instant Client without the Support commitment by SAS could lead to support constraints by SAS. Therefore I request that SAS Institute works towards supporting the Instant Client.