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Users love having the latest SAS Enterprise Guide versions, with all the bells and whistles.  But their IT department can be slow to provide deployments of the latest upgrades.  This is because some enterprises have multiple SAS platforms, and complex user and deployment environments, which give rise to compatibility issues.  These issues need to be dealt with before an upgrade deployment can occur.  So IT either spend a long time resolving the issue, or stick with an older version (defer the upgrade).


SAS could assist enterprise IT departments provide upgrades more quickly and cheaply by including a 'Save as type' selection within SAS Enterprise Guide, allowing users to save their projects to work with previous versions of SAS Enterprise Guide.  This would be a similar function to Microsoft Word, where the Save as type option allows users to save as *.docx, Word 97-2003 etc.




Super User

This is long overdue. 



Agreed. It is so frustrating having different versions of EG in the organisation but no way exchanging projects with earlier versions of EG.


Having a way of fixing the version of an EG project would be good also so it doesn't get automatically upgraded when opened in a later EG version and then made unreadable for the EG version it was originally created with.

Community Manager

These are good suggestions.  


The R&D development team is aware that the different project file versions can cause a hardship when working in an environment with mixed versions of the app.  That's why the 7.1, 7.11, and 7.12 versions all share the same file format.  The file format has been unchanged since October 2014 (when v7.1 was released).


If you have a lot of EG project files, consider "converting" them in batch with the Migration Wizard.  That tool creates a backup copy of all project files that it touches before conversion.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Planned

Published workarounds aside, there are currently no plans for a "Save As" previous version feature.