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So I'm pretty new to SAS EG, and we seem to have an older version where I work.

But one thing that is really annoying to me is that after a run is finished, I get taken to one of the output tables to view it, or to the report result first.


#1 - I think this is a bad idea because it encourages people to not view the log and see if there were any issues before looking at the output


#2 - it takes FOREVER for the data tables to load, and I have to wait to click on the Log tab to see the log, which is always the first thing that I want to look at


I think after processing, the first thing that you should see is the log.


Even if people are anxious to see results first, it doesn't take long to load the log, and then you an click on whatever else you want to see after the log is up.


And people shouldn't exactly be encouraged to jump to results before checking their logs anyway, IMO.;




Opal | Level 21

There are options in EG to control that already. In the Options menu under Results > Results General you can untick Automatically open data or results when generated. If you want this to apply only to data then you can set the Maximum number of datasets to add to a project to 0:



Quartz | Level 8

Thanks so much!  So this is the kind of odd part...

I did that change, and started a program running, left to read emails and came back.

It wasn't running anymore, and the log wasn't updated to what I had done.

So I ran it again and waited.

I got the same result.


So then I clicked on the actual "Log" tab, and saw the updated/new log.


Is there some way that the little log preview pane can display the new log after the most recent run?

I know this now, but it seems like a bug...




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You can change the default behavior for Enterprise Guide in regards to opening data files via:


Tools > Options > Results > Results General > un-select  'Automatically open data or results when generated'


Does that address what you are looking for?