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If the update host-name references option in SAS Deployment Manager can show following information it would be really helpful.


1) Count of files that will be updated. There could be a large number of log, perf log files which aren't required during this change. An estimate of the number of files can help to better plan and remove any unwanted files in advance.


2) Estimated time of completion. In-case of multi-tier large SAS deployments it could take some time for the process to complete. One way to check if the process is running fine is to verify the log. If the system can display a progress bar with the percentage complete & remaining it would be helpful. Currently it only shows which component it is updating but there is no progress in terms of percentage displayed.

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SAS Employee
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for the suggestion - at this time, we are not planning on implementing this due to the scope of the request and other projects already planned.