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Currently when using the autoname option it adds a prefix to the end of the variable name.

It would be helpful to have an option to add it to the beginning of the name instead. Depending on the type of analysis this can be important to later use variable shortcut lists appropriately. 


There are currently many ways to accomplish this but it would be a nice to have feature/option to do this automatically. 


Opal | Level 21

@Reeza: I think you meant that it adds a suffix to the variable name. Actually, it adds a delimiter (i.e., '_') and then the suffix (namely the requested statistic). I would vote for those defaulting to their current values, but overridden if one also uses the delimiter option (e.g., delimiter=none or delimiter=_) and/or prefix option (e.g., prefix)


As such, yes, I'd vote for it!


Art, CEO,


Super User

@art297 oops, yes, it adds a suffix and I want to be able to add it as a prefix instead! I don't see a way to edit idea's unfortunately 😞

Super User

Understand the desire. I think I have a macro somewhere that created a rename statement to create an appropriate rename statement for when all the variables had the same statistics listed. Since I almost never ask for statistics for variables with names over 15 characters autoname usually isn't a serious issue from length though.