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Mirroring the WORKPERMS system option, valid for SAS UNIX/LINUX


A new system option - let's call it USERPERMS , would be very useful to harden within SAS

the security of the SASUSER directory path the first time it is created.


syntax :


USERPERMS < POSIX security profile 700, 775, 750 etc.>


ex. -USERPERMS 750  creates the directory with the following permssion profile

drwxr-x---. 2 userid group 4096 Apr 21 14:34 sasuser.v94


Valid in configuration files


The workarounds exist, of course, but they entail the execution of sensitive system commands like chmod

in an automated script, which is not a good practice in my experience. Permission assignments should never

be run automatically, thats a SPOF large enough to make way for uninvited accesses when the automation itself

malfunctions . Instead, use umask initial value setting like ... WORKPERMS , or soon USERPERMS ?


 Comments are welcome,


Best Regards,




PS. Sorry if this request duplicates another , I was unable to find a previous one.

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Amethyst | Level 16

I love the idea, and not only for SASUSER, but for other directories/libraries as well. It would be very useful.