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At the moment, it is possible to create a single connection to a single LDAP server and in that connection, 2 queries, a single query for users and a single query for the groups.


In the past, the User Bulk loading could allow an array of queries, for both the users and the groups, and also a certain pagination based on number of observations or based on alphanumeric order and you could split the queries.


It would be really nice and useful in SAS Viya, especially in SAS Visual Analytics environments, where it is expected a usage of thousands of users per organisation , the possibilities to:


  • Create multiple queries, for users and for groups, having different baseDNs
  • and to split internally those queries in additional queries, based on number of observations and/or starting letter (alphanumerical)


Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thanks for submitting this idea! It is currently being considered for implementation in a future release.

Amethyst | Level 16

Thank you for the update @AnnaBrown!