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I've been using SAS Studio for a few months now as my main SAS environment (after coming from a predominantly PC Base SAS environment) and I've compiled a list of minor user-experience improvements that could be made to SAS Studio.  I didn't want to flood the ballots with a long list of minor changes and this seems to be the best place to provide feedback requests to SAS so I'm putting them all here.


They are in no particular order. 


  1. Some additional keyboard shortcuts would be nice, such as:
    • CTRL-H (bring up find/replace, consistent with shortcut used in word and doesn't conflict with shortcut used by any major browser).
    • CTRL-RIGHT ARROW when browsing data to see the next 100 records
  2. Resetting the session with F9 should provide more feedback to the user:
    • Provide confirmation that the session is being reset. 
    • Provide confirmation that the session was successfully reset and is ready to use again
  3. Option to turn off the drag-drop functionality for moving directories on the file browser.  Chrome scrollbars are very skinny (ugh) and a missed pixel can result in you dragging a random folder into another random folder when you're just trying to grab and move the scrollbar.
  4. When viewing a table, option to right-click column header and choose fit-width.  Manually adjusting is too finicky.
  5. Scrolling an editor with the middle mouse scroll wheel is very jerky in chrome - it jumps 16 lines at a time.  I've been unable to find a workable fix yet.
  6. Pressing the INSERT key to go into insert mode should change the appearance of the cursor.  If this is a browser limitation at least give us a visual indication that we're in insert mode in the status bar.
  7. After pasting text in the editor, pressing the down arrow key should move the cursor down to immediately below the original position of the cursor prior to the paste action (same as Base SAS Enhanced Editor).
  8. Holding shift then clicking on a line number (ie. just outside of editor window) to highlight a range should work.  Clicking between the first character on the line and the edge of the window is finicky.
  9. When I have multiple .sas files open in the editor, and I am on the leftmost editor tab, if I double-click to view a table, then close that table browser, I should return to the same tab I was on, and the same place within that tab.
  10. Saving a program that has not yet been saved as something should bring up the save-as prompt.  Not just save the document as in some non-obvious location.
  11. Accidentally expanding a directory in the file browser that contains thousands of files/folders makes Studio cry.  A way to cancel/interrupt this process would be nice.


SAS Employee

In order to work through the items above, please send an email to with the track # 7612629166 as the subject.  Please go to the '?' in the SAS Studio top right corner.  Select About SAS Studio.  Please send me a screenshot of the information that is displayed. 


Thanks in advance for the additional information.

Calcite | Level 5

Hello, I have similar issue to item 5 - when I scroll mouse wheel in SAS Studio CODE section, it jumps about 20 lines while I intend to move only 1 or 2 lines. It's become very annoying, and hard to get used to it. Is there a hotfix for this issue already? 


I am surprised no one else complains about this? 


I am using Win10, x64, Microsoft Edge Version 95.0.1020.30 (Official build) (64-bit)

My system mouse setup is as such: wheel scroll as "move multiple lines", 2 lines a time. 


SAS studio version information is attached:


Release: 3.81 (Enterprise Edition)

Supported browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox 21+
  • Google Chrome 27+
  • Apple Safari 6.0+ (on Apple OS X)

Build date: Aug 6, 2020 12:36:25 AM
SAS release: 9.04.01M7P08052020
SAS platform: X64_DSRV16 WIN