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Hi all,


I'm sitting here watching my upgrade to SAS get installed and seeing all the different languages for the Enhanced Editor being set up.  As I write all my code in one language (English), it would make my life a lot easier if I can just select it from a list right at the outset (plus save space!).  I saw the information below from the 9.4 FAQ, but if I only have limited space at the beginning, doing the local install then removing all the other languages isn't very practical.


Q. I do not need all the languages that are included with SAS 9.4 and would like to remove all but English in order to save disk space. What is the best way to remove the unwanted languages?
A. With SAS 9.4, languages can be subsetted at download time or later using the SAS Deployment Wizard. You can find more details about this subject in Chapter 3 (Subsetting an Order)" in the SAS® Deployment Wizard and SAS®Deployment Manager 9.4: User’s Guide.


Thanks so much 🙂

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In previous versions before the install there's usually an option to select the languages you want to install. 

I don't know why you're missing this step somehow, in your Deployment Wizard.  



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Weird.  I got the "What language do you want to run the install in" but that was it (at least from what I saw).  From what I saw on the FAQ, it doesn't sound like there's an option and it has to be manually removed, but that may just be after the fact.


thanks for the reply 😉


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During the SAS 9.4 installation, the SAS Deployment Wizard will present a Language choice dialog.  By default, all the various languages are pre-selected.   The installer can select the "Clear All" button on the bottom of the dialog.   Afterwards, only the English language selection will remain selected.   Thereafter, the installer can choose "Next >".  The SAS Deployment Wizard will only install the English language type.