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1. Merge 'Normal View' and 'Page View' functionality so text can be edited and 'Modify Report' accessed from a page view of the report.

2. Improve 'Edit Report Contents' functionality

     - Allow 'Edit Report Contents' window to be resized vertically rather than only horizontally.

     - Enable 'Edit Report Contents' 'Select SAS items' to be ordered alphabetically.

     - Prevent automatic realignment of items (frequently pushes a column of items into a further column)

3. Allow manual control for setting image dpi for EG pdf export (even changing dpi under global results pdf option 'Advanced Additional Options'  gets overridden by a default setting of lower quality).

4. Allow definition of a custom palette to be accessed throughout a project (currently have to define each colour within individual item/function/report).

5. Allow access to modification of tables/graphs through the Custom Report interface.

6. For inserted text, combine 'Properties' 'Text Properties' editing options for border and background with double-click 'Edit Text' function.

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