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Can you add something like, if we add ? before the function, it opens the help doc in result viewer. The help doc should give brief description of what the function is, what are the required arguments and optional arguments and brief description of arguments.

For example,
If i write ?strip(), it will open the document with description of what strip does and all required and optional arguments.

This can be done for procedures too,
For example,
?proc import, this gives brief description of proc import, required/optional arguments/options.

I have seen something like this in R-studio.
Super User

Personally I just place the cursor on the function, procedure or statement (format label set etc) and press the F1 key to bring up the context online help.


Unfortunately your example for proc import is a poor demonstration of where to place the question. You would likely be presented with 100's of "proc" choices. Placing your ? before "import" would make more sense.



Tourmaline | Level 20

@ballardw Surely, if the feature was implemented, SAS would know to look for the second word if the first is proc

The F1 key is unreliable and stopped working for EG on our site. 

@Keyur12 Is this shortcut used in other editors?

Fluorite | Level 6

I tried to use F1 key in Enhance Editor in my SAS 9.4 and it opens the help doc as i expected. 

SAS Employee

Within SAS Studio Preferences->Code and Log under Editor Option, select Enable autocomplete

Once this is selected from the Program window, f you type in something like: PROC SG it displays a list of the SG procedures.  If you start typing a procedure name, ie. PROC SGPLOT, syntax and overview information are displayed in a pop-up window. The same is true for any statement within the procedure. The same is true for global statements and some statements within the data step.


While SAS Enterprise Guides has the autocomplete for functions, this has not yet been implemented for SAS Studio. I will forward this feature request to R&D.