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It would be nice to be able to optionally extend the standard file properties shown in Enterprise Guide File Explorer. Out of the box EG gives you Name, Type, Modified and Size (see screenshot below).Presumably there is an OS level command such asd dir or ls going on under the hood and some file information is subsequently being thrown away. File details such as owner and permissions would be very useful to see.


EG File Explorer.jpg

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I had a similar request for the Properties in the Server list File tree:

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I fully support Tom's suggestion, but would like even more dataset descriptor information than he is asking for.

The dataset properties that are available for each dataset via the Server List window or Enterprise Guide File Explorer are not sufficient for most of my needs. If I want to know the date of modification or number of rows in a dataset, or indexing information or even integrity constraint information, I would like to be able to see it by right-mouse clicking the dataset in the Server List or Enterprise Guide File Explorer as I can in SAS Display Manager by using a right click in the Explorer window on a given dataset.


This screenshot shows the multi-tabbed dialog box that is available from the Explorer pane in SAS Display Manager:

SAS Dataset Properties 2017-04-13A.JPG

At the moment, in SAS Enterprise Guide, to get this full set of descriptor information, I need to open the dataset, look for the dataset icon on the process flow, right mouse click, choose Properties and even then get the not-quite-full set of properties from there. Essentially I think we should be able to get everything that Proc Contents offers via a single right-mouse-click from either a dataset shown in Server List or via Enterprise Guide File Explorer.




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Status changed to: Under Consideration


    Thanks for the suggestion - we are reviewing this one for possible feature in a future release of Enterprise Guide