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Often I'm working on multiple projects at a time and right now the only way I've found I can do that with Studio is to have a single studio tab open in Chrome, and then a single studio tab open in Firefox. 


Trying to open more than one studio session within the same browser results in what appears to be both browser tabs pointing to the same SAS workspace?  This is great if you close the original browser or tab and simply want to reconnect to your old session, but it gets confusing and lead to issues when you're trying to have multiple tabs to work on completely separate tasks. 


What if I want the new Studio tab to open to a clean new session?  Perhaps prompt the user upon launching Studio, to confirm if they want to reconnect to an existing session, or start a new session?


With this, the other thing that would be useful for be the ability to change the HTML <TITLE> of the tab so you can identify which browser tab is which session.

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SAS Employee

For each SAS Studio session you open 2 new processes are created.  You should be able to have multiple SAS Studio sessions open in the same browser with different programs in them. 


Depending on the version of SAS Studio you are running, if you get signed out or time out of one session, it closes all of your SAS Studio sessions.


If you want SAS Studio to open to a new session instead of your old session in SAS Studio go to Preferences->Start up and unselect 'Continue where you left off'.


We do not currently provide the ability to associate a unique identifier for each SAS Studio session in a browser.  I will pass this suggestion to development so they can look into the possibility of adding this feature in a future release of SAS Studio.