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I often find myself creating slightly different variables from existing variables. It would be useful to have a facility to enable inheritance of attributes.


For example, I might have a variable named XYZ where missing has been coded as -9, and I need to create a new variable (XYZm) where I am going to convert -9 to . (SAS missing). I'd like to be able to type something like:


XYZm = inherit(XYZ);

if XYZ = -9 then XYZm = . ; ...etc.


This would be particularly useful where the attributes have been set in another program, and copy/paste of code is not straightforward.


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You may want to be a bit more detailed about exactly what is going on in this example.

You say you have a variable XYZ "where missing as been coded as -9". Is this done as a numeric assignment, an informat that read . as -9, a format that displays missing values as -9?

I believe that in two of the three cases nothing needs to be done for XYZm = xyz. to have the original missing value of xyy as missing for XYZm.



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Sorry, my example wasn't very good.


I'm suggesting a function that enables the inheritance of all attributes, particularly the label.


Here is some code that illustrates the problem:


title 'Example';

data test;
attrib XYZ length=4 label="Variable of interest";
input ABC XYZ;
1 0027
2 0039
3 0103
4 -9
5 7890

data test2;
set test;
if XYZ = -9 then XYZm = .;
else XYZm = XYZ;

proc contents data=test2;

This will produce the following table:



It would be helpful if XYZm inherited all of the attributes of XYZ.


Hope that clarifies.

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That would be extremely hard to do. What syntax would you propose that SAS could recognize that you wanted this new behavior?  You couldn't modify how SAS handles a simple assignment statement as that would break zillions of lines of existing code that depend on the current behavior.


To copy type/length/format/informat/label just read the variable twice using RENAME= dataset option.

data want ;
  set have ;
  set have (keep=XYZ rename=(XYZ=XYZm));
  XYZm = ....;
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I was proposing a new function: inherit


XYZm = inherit(XYZ) ;


However, your solution looks good. I'll try it!