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Today I have two options to ad new program to my Process flow, but I often find myself trying in the wrong place.


Would like to have the NEW capability to be available directly on the "Process Flow" name/title and in the blank areas of the "Project Tree window" also. (as seen on the right in the picture below).



SAS Employee
Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

This idea was implemented in the new EG 8.1 design.  There are now lots of ways to open a new program...  from the File menu, button on the main toolbar, keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+N), Project pane toolbar button, Process Flow context menu in Project pane, process flow toolbar button, and process flow context menu.


Note: We intentionally did not add it to the context menu on whitespace in the Project pane, since it could be ambiguous if there were multiple process flows in the project.

Thanks for the feedback!

SAS Employee

Here is an animated gif showing the many ways you can now add a new program in EG: