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I see a great advantage on continuing the development of this tool.

I would like to propose some improvements towards LogConfigSweeper's usage in a more complex deployments, such a SAS Grid.


Items for improvement:

- option to configure non-default log folder locations, non standard names (such as "Object Spawner A" or "SASAppUTF8")

- capability / flag to clean as well unused (not open) log files from the original locations

- ERROR! Collecting the log and config files: java.lang.NullPointerException - not very descriptive, perhaps an option to see the trace of the java error might help. When this happens, it is not checking for the next components listed.


Items to fix:

- empty zip files (although it says successful creation)

- files actually that occupy 1 MB but empty when I open them (although it says successful creation)



Thank you in advance!

Best regards,