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When users enter important things like credentials, have the SDW immediately check for the validity of said credentials.

It is a MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS when the ..... thing runs for an hour, then suddenly complains, and forces one to repeat the whole procedure from basically scratch.


This also applies to other important settings, like IP ports that should be checked for availability.

SAS Employee

Hi Kurt,


Thank you for your suggestion! I have submitted your request to our R&D department for review.


We really appreciate honest feeback from our customers and your significant contributions to the SAS Community!

Super User

And I have to add another complaint. I'm in the middle of installing 9.4, and right now the configuration step crashed midway through because IT RAN OUT OF SPACE IN THE CONFIG DIRECTORY!! Thanks very much for wasting another two hours of my life.


How about checking beforehand? <sarcasm>Wouldn't that be a great, innovative idea?</sarcasm>


Sometimes I get the notion some people at SAS don't view their customers as friends.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @Kurt_Bremser and @Philip-SAS,


Agreed. I must say that, while knowing upfront and managing those flavours of items are some of the items that keep this job very interesting and thrilling, I share the feeling with Kurt the SDW and SDM are missing some checks beforehand and some exception management. Missing or misleading messages, mishandling of the sessions, checks, etc 


Also, if there is any known deployment issue where it is expeced that an especific configuration setting might fail (e.g: the upgrade-in-place of a manual deployment of the web applications), that is OK, but it is critical to manage the expectations.


Therefore: If there is a known issue with the deployment, I think it would be a good idea to deliver the related SAS depots with the appropiate warning messages, or to disable some deployment options for specific maintenances or weekly depot releases, would be highly appreciated.


I don't know if this information provides any additional insight to the R&D team, but I have chosen to drop it here, just in case it does.


Thanks in advance! And thanks for sharing this with the R&D team! Looking forward to reading their answer.