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Are there any plans for SAS Studio custom tasks to be supported in EG or to include the SAS Studio task creation methodology (XML+Apache Velocity) inside EG? The current methodology for developing custom EG tasks is a real bind (as it involves .NET and publishing that, loading it into EG, testing it there, finding issues, going back to the source code, etc.).
SAS Studio task development is much easier to develop and test custom tasks. being able to utilise these very powerful tools will enhance EG considerably.
We have SAS-supplied SAS Studio tasks available in EG but it would be good to be able to use custom-created SAS Studio tasks in EG as well.
Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Planned

I'm pretty sure this is not planned at this point. SAS Studio is the main supported programming interface for SAS users in SAS Viya, so it continues to evolve with each monthly release. New features are not being added to SAS Enterprise Guide (which supports SAS 9.4 but not SAS Viya for the most part.) @AmyP_sas could confirm.

SAS Employee

Chris is correct.  There are no plans moving forward.  However, there is one configuration that does support what you want.  SAS Enterprise Guide 8.2 connected to SAS Studio 5.2 (on SAS Viya 3.5) supports both delivered SAS Studio tasks as well as user-written Studio tasks. But this isn't supported for earlier releases of either EG or Studio, nor is it supported for later releases of Studio.

I'm glad you are finding Studio tasks easy to write.  That's the goal!  And if you do end up exploring Studio on SAS Viya, check out the next generation of Studio tasks - custom steps.  Similar methodology, but using JSON instead of XML, SAS macro instead of Velocity, and it comes with a drag & drop UI designer which is pretty cool.