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We have a crosstab based report with 30+ columns. The column headers take up a lot of space.

In order to save space it would be very convenient to be able rotate the column headers 90 degrees, like in Microsoft Excel for instance.

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How are you generating the crosstab? And the ODS destination if any? And which version of SAS?

Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by 'generated'. In SAS VA, I choose the crosstab chart type and pull it on the design surface. Then I assign a dataset to it, etc. Is that also what you mean? The dataset source is a table on a mysql server. We use SAS VA 7.1


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It would be very useful for tables with a lot of columns, specially when the numbers only have a few digits. We have 17 administrative regions in our tables and I always have to scroll to see everything or use a too small font.

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Status changed to: Not Planned

This is not planned. Perhaps you can add measures and categories to rows to resolve the issue. This functionality was implemented in VA 8.2. Here's the documentation: Managing Rows and Columns in Crosstabs.