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The much under-loved Go To feature which allows a user to quickly scroll to the desired column when viewing a very w-i-d-e dataset is really, really useful, but so few SAS Enterprise Guide users know about it.


The feature would be greatly improved by allowing the user to choose whether the drop down list of columns were displayed in dataset order, as it is at the moment, or alphabetical order. Datasets with several hundred columns can be a nightmare to navigate through. This screenshot below shows a typical (mythical) dataset as presented by the Go To Cell dialog box (Ctrl-G for you keyboard folks). In this case the dataset only has 45 columns, but an option to display in alphabetical order would make this feature much easier to use.


Giving the user the opportunity to choose how to see the columns listed would greatly improve this tool. Query Builder already offers this and SAS Enterprise Guide  8.x offers a system wide option to allow column lists inside tasks to be presented in alphabetical order.



Downunder Dave