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It should be great to have the possibility to prepare in VA report layout formatting for printing. Currently the solution enable to produce PDF export but feature for formatting layout for printing pdf is really poor also after the last release. It should be useful to have the possibility to prepare report layout in a similar way of what is now available with Sas-guide solution and in SAS web report solution.

It’s clear that VA is a solution for report viewer but could be effective to have the possibility to prepare out of VA predefined layout with predefined reports that use the same datamart and objects that user can navigate on line.

Let me share a dream: New VA module “VA Reporting”!. The features should enable to prepare report with header and footer with had hoc formatting reusing the same object of current report for web navigation. The component should include the standard functionality already available in SAS web report studio for scheduling report distribution by mail to list of predefined recipients

Use case/Workarounds

Standard behavior of our user is to publish dashboard on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, ..) and the request is very often to prepare a presentation with main figures to be distributed to all relevant responsible eventually with some executive summary comments on figures.

Workaround in place so far is the utilization of MSOffice add-in for creating dynamic PPT that retrieve data directly or indirectly  from VA.


  Without an effective feature for report preparation in printable format is still not covered with VA  the “last mile” of BI. Our users  still like and ask static paper base documents that are not  satisfied with SAS suite and this ask futher re-working from user reporting teams with other tools. VA Reporting Module could be an interesting opportunity

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

There are many ideas in this entry. Here are some updates:


  • Headers/footers are on the product road map.
  • Scheduled distribution was implemented in SAS Visual Analytics 7.1.
  • Relative to report layout, there have been many improvements to the print layout functionality with each release. If there are specific layout requests, please submit individual ideas for consideration.