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It is requested to enable utilization in VA of filters at report level linked one each other. Currently in VA it is possible to specify filter at report level but it is not possible to include relation between this filters

Use Case/Workaround

For enable to keep along different sections the same filters it was requested to include filters at report level. Beside since it is not possible to define relation between filters at report level the needs was managed with filter at section level linked properly. Technical workaround was already provided by SAS local support team


Technical workaround has been already provided by SAS Support, then the request is not critical, beside it should be fine to have a standard function available also for self bi needs

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

Thanks for your idea. This was implemented in SAS Visual Analytics 7.4. See doc section, Using Controls to Display Results --> Use a Control to Create a Report Prompt, with this detail:


Starting in the 7.4 release, you can create cascading (or dependent) report prompts. Cascading report prompts enable you to create filter (but not brush) interactions between objects in the report prompt bar. For example, suppose you have a report that has filters from Regionto State and State to City. When you change the value for RegionCity should also be filtered. For more information, see About Report Filters.