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It is requested to enable free-formatting of text that is associated with hyperlink. Currently VA fix a rigid predefined format for text with hyperlink (format underlined, colour blu). no chance to change the format.

Use Case/Workarounds

It was expected to create a mobile app with images/icons in a navigation bar that enable user to select the sections of the APP. The current constrains in sas va mobile implies that hyperlink on images does not allow to set-up a direct link to the section (implies a double click on mobile that was considered not acceptable). Then it was considered to avoid using images and use only text in the navigation bar. Beside if we use the text it’s should be nice to have the possibility to change the format of text hyperlinked


  The predefined format for text with hyperlink is a standard, then it is not a critical feature but may-be it is not a critical effort to enable the flexibility to change it

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Status changed to: Not Planned