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SAS Employee
Hi Experts,

Our customer has a question about criteria of rollover mechanism of wrs log file.
She would like to know the roll over mechanism in detail.

She sends us following log files.

WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090517_220446 1.1KB
WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090517_221901 1.7KB
WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090518_193006 15.4KB
WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090522_131129 252.9KB
WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090522_141619 14.6KB
WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090522_220104 24.9KB
WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090522_221407 1.5KB
WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090523_220410 1.0KB
WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090523_221104 0.8KB
WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090523_221120 0.4KB

She does not change following parameters.
Max = -1, sizeKBytes=4000,ageHours=24

But, It seems that sizeKBytes and ageHours parameters have nothing to do with above file name.

So she would like to know what parameter or mechanism is related.

Thanks in advance.

Katsumi Yamamoto
Rhodochrosite | Level 12
in the search box at the top of this page, type agehours and press enter. It took me to the link
which seems to have the most relevant documentation for the logging of Web Report Studio

That should help!

AgeHours affects the lines which appear in the file, not its name.

The RollOver option can be used by many types of SAS server. An example demonstrating and describing the RollOver option for SAS session logging can be found in "Note 9672: Rolled over SAS/SHARE server SAS Logs"

SAS Employee
Thank you your reply.

I have read both URL. But I could not explain the roll over mechanism for

I would like to know why "WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090517_220446 "
file rolls over to "WebReportStudio_KeyActions.log_20090517_221901".
Above files size are only 1kb. And there are only about fifteen-minute difference of the time of two files.
It looks like new file create randomly.
So I would like to know the mechanism.

Thank you.
Katsumi Yamamoto
Rhodochrosite | Level 12
sounds like a defect( Contact customer support. ) or you are seeing the effect of re-starting the server again and again
Quartz | Level 8
May be a wild goose chase, but does WRV point to the same location for the log, and are both of them performing the roll over?
SAS Employee
In 9.1.3, (for my standard EBI deployment) the WebReportViewer.log and WebReportViewer_KeyActions.log appear in the folder: \web\Deployments\WebReportStudio\logs

There doesn't appear to be rollover enabled by default.

In 9.2, Web Report Viewer no longer exist. The role 'Web Report Viewer' in SAS Management Console User Manager is enabled for those with only viewing access, all users are pointed to the WebReportStudio url path.

Angela Hall
Zencos Consulting
SAS Employee
Here is the link to tech support to get help from them.


Hope that helps!


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