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Facing the following problem when I try to open an Web report in Powerpoint,

Following are the two main concerns

1) Conditional highlighted tables / format styles of tables are lost when displayed in Web Report

2) need of manual intervention to align the graph / table on slides

Has anyone handled such situation earlier.

I have returned stored process results to PPT and find that if I have a SP that generates multiple graphs (such as for BY groups), that every graph gets 1 slide. I'm not sure what you mean by "manual" intervention. Before I run the SP, I usually change the slide layout to TITLE only.

When you run a SP, you can set the style of the output with an override to &_ODSSTYLE -- I don't find any issues with my chosen style being used in the PPT output. But, I'm not sure whether the same is true with Web Reports. This paper has a discussion of the place where you select whether to apply style or not:
It says:

A key decision that each user of release 2.1 of SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office must make is whether to check the Apply style check box. If you do not check Apply style, style information (such as colors and fonts) from SAS will not be applied when the results are inserted into your Microsoft Office document. In this case, the SAS results blend as much as possible with the style in the Microsoft Office document (which is particularly valuable in Microsoft PowerPoint). And, you can
use the formatting capabilities of the Microsoft Office application to format the results. If you check Apply style, style information from SAS will be applied when the results are inserted into your Microsoft Office document. You need to select the SAS style from the Apply style drop-down list.

If you have stored processes that use PROC REPORT or PROC TEMPLATE to specify conditional formatting (also known as traffic highlighting), and the Apply style check box is unchecked, those conditional formats will not be applied when the results are inserted into your Microsoft Office document. After you generate results, if you realize that the conditional formatting is missing, open the Properties dialog box for those results, check the Apply style box on the Appearance tab, and refresh the results. For more information on the Properties dialog box and refreshing results, see the “Refreshing Results” section.




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