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Obsidian | Level 7


i have a question while i am developing a Stored Process.

I wanna build a Stored Process which generates HTML Output and include this in a WRS Report.

So if i include a Stored Process into WRS with code like this :

%global wantreg _odsoptions _odsdest _odsstyle _odsstylesheet;

%let _odsstyle=plateau;

%let _odsstylesheet=;

%let _odsoptions=;

options nodate nonumber missing='0' orientation=landscape;


proc sql;

select * from sashelp.class;



everything is fine and i get a simple table.

But when i wanna add some html output, i can not use %stpbegin .

So i use something like this :

%global wantreg _odsoptions _odsdest _odsstyle _odsstylesheet _result;

%let _odsstyle=plateau;

%let _odsstylesheet=;

%let _odsoptions=;

%let _result = stream;

options nodate nonumber missing='0' orientation=landscape;

data _null_;

file _webout;

put "<h1>Test</h1>";


Does anybody know a solution to put html code into a Stored Process and use this STP in a WRS Report?

It works fine with data _null_ ; file _webout .... within a normal STP from the SAS Portal but not within a simple WRS Report.

I think WRS needs the %stpbegin ... ;

Is there a solution to define Html Code between %stpbegin and %stpend?

Thanks for help,


Opal | Level 21

Not really my area of expertise - but I'm a reasonably good "Googler". I believe below link will explain to you what's going on and also give you the idea of how to approach this.

SAS Stored Processes: Converting SAS/IntrNet Programs to Stored Processes

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Patrick,

thanks for your response.

In your link is a Note :

Note: SAS/IntrNet programs converted to stored processes using the techniques described here are intended to run in the SAS Stored Process Web Application. These stored processes might not run in other stored process clients (such as SAS Web Report Studio or SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.) Each client application has its own requirements for stored process behavior."

So I am guessing, there is a different way to implement the above mentioned problem in SAS WRS?

Does anybody knows the requirements for a Stored Process + Html Output in WRS or has more information for me?

Thanks in advance



SAS Web Report Studio can only render stored processes that conform to a specific set of rules.

For details, see:

47839 - SAS® Web Report Studio can only render stored processes that conform to a specific set of ru...



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