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Calcite | Level 5
Hi all,

If I want to save a report as a static PDF via the 'file>save as' option, I see that the PDF gets saved to a publication channel. Is the only way to then access this saved PDF via Information Delivery Portal? My organisation does not have the Delivery Portal so I wondered if there was some other way of accessing the saved PDF (other than the file>print option which renders the PDF to a web browser window - as my reports are so large due to group breaks, this option has to be done in batches and takes a very long time - so I'm looking for ways to make the process more efficient)
SAS Employee
The results are actually stored in the WebDav location and can be accessed using other tools. Information Delivery Portal isnt required, it's just the SAS developed mechanism to easily connect & organize the content.

In a typical installation for 9.1.3, the WebDav location is Xythos.
In 9.2, SAS Content Server stores the pdf.

One such tool to directly access these files is simply Windows Explorer. I added a post on this awhile back:

~ Angela
Calcite | Level 5
Thanks Angela,

I will speak to our DBA who administers our SAS packages and see if we can save and then access the PDFs.

So when I try to save the static PDF it asks which publication channel to save to, the only option is SAS Test Channel, do the channels inform the folder structure of where things are saved on the content server. So would it work if I saved to the Test Channel? If not and we need to create a channel to save the PDFs to, how to we do this without Information Delivery Portal?

SAS Employee
Publication channels are created and managed through SAS Management Console. They defined where the content is saved on the content server and who has access to it.

More information is available:



~ Angela
Calcite | Level 5
That's brilliant, thank you Angela. I'll have a chat with our DBA at work tomorrow
SAS Employee
You can also generate a PDF version of the report by selecting File>Print. Once the PDF is generated, you can save it like any other file. You could then use the steps documented at to surface this file via WRS.



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