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Calcite | Level 5
Hello all,
is it possible to pass an applied section filters to a linked 2nd report?

I have a report A which has a YEAR and MONTH section filter, where user
can select multiple entries and I want to pass the applied section filters
to the linked report B. Is this somehow possible?

Report A:

Applied filters: YEAR equal to 2010 AND MONTH equal to 1, 2, 3


Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,
If Report B has prompts for YEAR and MONTH, you should be able to pass the filter values from Report A to Report B. There are some limitations depending on which version of WRS you are using. Specifically, you cannot pass values for numeric expressions in version 4.2.

Here is a sample for passing prompt values to linked reports written for version 3.1, with some updates for 4.2.
Calcite | Level 5
Thank you for your answer.

Report B has Year, Month and Country prompt(all alphanumerical), and they are all
shown in report linking dialogue, but I can only select an entry for country prompt.

But I guess in your SAS link the note says it's not possible:

"Notes on Report Linking Via Prompts
* If you hide a category that is being used in a report linking prompt, then the prompt association is removed. The report link will still work but you will have to complete the prompt window before the target report is rendered."

The category Year and Month are hidden, they are only used for section filter.
I guess it's a problem with multiple entries for section filter(like Month IN '01, 02, 03'),
I think right now it's only possible to pass one entry to the linked report.

But anyway thanks for your help,

Kind regards,
SAS Employee
There are still mechanisms to accomplish this via SAS Stored Processes.
You could pass the values from Report A into Report B (which is built in SAS Stored Processes).

Several resources exist but might not totally explain how this works:

Maybe a SAS Global Forum 2011 paper is in order?

What I would have is a link (to the stored process, passing the parameters) defined within the data table itself, then select the 'Display as Hyperlink' button in Information Map Studio (similar to my post on doing this for formats: Then the data cells should link to the Report B passing the information you require.

~ Angela
Just an FYI, Web Report Studio 4.2 supports passing group break values to prompts (olap and relational) and hidden filtered values (olap only) as explained in

There are plans to support hidden filtered values for relational in the next release.
Calcite | Level 5
Thanks Angela & BIC_USER_3@SAS,
I'll try to get familiar with how Stored Procedures work, I haven't used them so far.




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