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Calcite | Level 5
Hi, there are little post about PROC infomap around this forum. Nethertheless, i would like to post a question: has anyone tried to establish row-level security using PROC INFOMAP? I am using SAS 9.1.3. on AIX.

I tried 2 ways:

FIRST, I wanted to create a filter, similar to Information Map Studio filter option "SAS.PersonName". I tried the following.

insert filter "Filter Berechtigung"


SAS answers:
ERROR: Failed to insert filter "Filter Berechtigung".

SECOND, i tried to write XML, which is generated by Information Map Studio in the background, and insert it using PROC INFOMAP. Interestingly, the filter is ignored when inserted via PROC INFOMAP, but recognised correctly when inserted directly via Information Map Studio.

Has anybody tried to establish such thing via information maps? We have > 70 information maps to present for web reporting, and don't want to change everything manually.

It would appreciate your help a lot, thank you!
Row-level permissions must be defined using SAS Information Map Studio. For reference, see
Calcite | Level 5
Thank you for your quick reply!

But it is not really the answer we wanted to hear 😕 ... we generated many information maps successfully with PROC INFOMAP, and now have to click through every single one to assign row level security. This is not efficient, especially in terms of maintenance, when we have to do it all again.

Does this change with SAS 9.2? And is there ANY workaround?
SAS Employee
I want to ask you a couple of questions to help us understand better what your needs are. We have opened a defect track on this issue so we can try to correct this problem. However, we need to enhance the request with some background knowledge.
1. How many rows do you typically need to assign security to? How often?
2. How would you expect to be able to assign row security quickly? In other words, how could you perform row security assignment quickly? Would you do it through a menu option? A right click? Sometimes our own ideas don't match what a user expects so that's why I'm asking.

Thanks for the feedback in advance!
Quartz | Level 8
We have a similar issue relating to having to 'click' our way to recreate an information map and recreate reports. we had an information map where it contained several tables with especified joins with many different type of filters. Further, we created several reports on top of this map surfaced through WRS 3.1. SInce the joins were very expensive when users created reports, we decided to pre join to get performance ( the cube could of been an option but some report feautures used on the relational were not avail for cube).

I tried using XML export/import to replace the root tables with the 1 table. However, no success when importing back. So it looks like we are forced to click through each data item and measure to point to a new table.
Is there another easier way? Message was edited by: jplarios
SAS Employee
The 9.2/4.2 version of SAS BI/WRS allows for reassigning resources via a migration wizard and within Information Map studio upon opening a map that is 'missing' the previously defined resource. This new utility allows fixes without impacting down-stream reports in WRS.

In the 3.1 version, the only mechanism is the click through that you mention. Changing the XML directly can be done, however it's complex and no user documentation is available.

~ Angela Hall


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