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Calcite | Level 5
WARNING: At least one leaf member of a hierarchy is referred to by multiple dimension keys.

I have only two dimensions
Product_Dim , linking to Product_ID in the fact and
Customer_Dim, NOT linking to customer_ID in the fact.

When I want to edit the cube, the dimension properties are "read-only".
How can I edit the dimension?

I just read the SAS® 9.2 OLAP Server
User’s Guide ( and found nothing regarding the read-only problem)
SAS Employee
If you are in SAS OLAP Cube Studio, and you have RM/WM access to the cube, you can right click on the cube name & select 'Edit Cube Structure'.

Click next through the GUI until you arrive at the 'Cube Designer - Dimension' screen. Select the Dimension you would like to edit & select the button 'Modify'. You can then edit the cube accordingly.

~ Angela Hall
Calcite | Level 5
Hello Angela,

Many thanks for your help. I was stuck at the dimension "table" properties instead of the
dimensions. Unfortunately, linking the dimension ID to the fact ID did not fix the warning
"At least one leaf member of a hierarchy is referred to by multiple dimension keys."
Do you know how can I fix this warning?
SAS Employee
It sounds like you might have a many-to-many relationship between the two tables you are linking (one for dimension and one for fact). This is not supported in OLAP Cube's star schema model (only a one to many relationship is supported).

I would suggest that you complete the join outside of OLAP or correct the dimension table to ensure that all dimension id's are distinct.

~ Angela
Calcite | Level 5
Hi Angela,

Thanks for the advice. My OLAP test tables are from the sample set I downloaded in the eLearning "SAS Programming" exercise.
I signed up for various eLearning courses but could not find a, so it seems, "working" set of OLAP sample tables
for dimensions and fact. Would you know if SAS has something like that?

Many thanks for your help.
SAS Employee
I typically utilize the SASHELP.SHOES table to generate an OLAP cube. This uses the 'detail table' option rather than the 'star schema' (on the first GUI page).

You can set up two dimensions: Product and Location
With Location including Region & Subsidiary Levels.
Measures can contain Sales &/or Returns

~ Angela



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