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Calcite | Level 5

I try to create a pdf from a file of jupyter SAS.


Anyone can  help me?

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Like ODS or something else?
If you're trying to convert your Jupyter Notebook to PDF that's a bit of a pain since it's missing a component so not sure that's possible tbh. I think there's a workaround but I haven't tried it myself yet.
Calcite | Level 5
Using jupyter lab it is possible to export the notebook in format like .pdf, .tex
Actually, when I try, it raise an error:
Nbconvert failed: Pandoc wasn't found despite I have already installed pandoc
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How did you install pandoc?
How did you get access to the virtual machine? Like I mentioned before, it's locked down so you shouldn't in theory have access to it.
Calcite | Level 5
I do not have access to the virtual machine.
I thought it was possible create a latex file or a pdf file starting from a browser (Safari/Mozilla/Chrome) and pandoc installed on my computer.
I think that Jupyter lab is very useful specially if it is possibile to export the report in a LaTeX/pdf version.
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I'm not disagreeing, just curious as to how you thought pandoc was installed on the virtual machine. it's installed on your computer but the virtual machine doesn't have access to that directly so that means you currently do not have pandoc installed.

I'm trying it on my own machine now and will let you know if I get it working, if not I'll have to email some so I'll get back to you if I get it working. Otherwise it means I couldn't get it working.

Regardless, feel free to add it to the SASware Ballot Ideas (under Find a Community) so that they can officially roll out those features rather than a hacked solution :). They do listen and add features as they're asked for though this shouldn't be an issue in a full production version of SAS.



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