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Obsidian | Level 7
I've recently switched to 9.2 and I'm getting used to changes in the platform. We are attempting to migrate existing code from 9.1.3 to 9.2.

We are having trouble getting a direct URL to work with single sign-on. On the 9.1.3 platform, our dashboard had links that took users directly into WRS without having to logon. When we've attempted to do the same thing on the 9.2 platform the user is presented with a logon unless they had previously logged on to WRS.

We are using a URL:

This "drill-down" is occuring on one page of the portal, opening a new tab in IE and attempting to show the WRS on the new tab, while keeping the existing Portal Tab open.

Has anyone cracked this nut?


SAS Employee
The portal that you refere is a SAS Portal?
Obsidian | Level 7
Obsidian | Level 7
A simple *.srx report on a page within the portal works with single-sign. So, I assume that SS is working ok within the platform. My guess is that something changed in 9.2 and we need to enter WRS in a different manner for external links.
SAS Employee
I don't know if this answer your question, but if you have a SAS BI Dashboard and you want to link this dashboard to WRS report you can refer to this document to set it up:

Calcite | Level 5
Try searching in the SAS Portal for the .srx report and then right click on the link and copy it to the clipboard.

Then paste it into the browser and see if that works.

That should tell you the construct of the url to use.
Quartz | Level 8
A red herring maybe but see my comments below

This may be something to do with single sign on rather than WRS, as I believe how to implement this has changed across the 9.1.3 and 9.2.

Is ".com" from the link "http://.com:8081/SASWebReportStudio-WRSTEST/" a trusted web site at your site, and is it the same as the portal?

SAS Employee
This behavior (prompting for a username & password when drilling from a BI Dashboard Indicator to a Web Report Studio Report) has been identified as a defect in SAS 9.2.

The current workaround is for the user to select the Internet Explorer 'Back' button when arriving at the username & password prompt. They will then be directed correctly into the resulting Web Report Studio report.

More detail and a link to the hotfix is available at:

~ Angela


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