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Calcite | Level 5
Hope You All Are Doing Well...
I am stuck with a problem while creating a WRS Report in SAS.
I have created an OLAP Cube. I have also created an Information MAP over the OLAP Cube. 
Now I want to develop a report which shows Customer Status wise Entry Exit Ratio. The Formula for Ratio is Entry/Exit. I have created a Custome Data Item in WRS for this
Active10090                                                                               1.11
Grace40150                                                                               0.27
Pre-Curn145120                                                                               1.21
Churn130125                                                                               1.04
Now the Problem is :
We need to Apply Conditional Highlighting for Ratio Custom Data Item. The Condition is:
If Ratio is Greater Than 1 then It should be Green for the Active Value of Status Dimension and RED for all other values of Status Dimension.
Please Help in doing this.
Can we apply different formula for Ratio for different values of Status Dimension. i.e. Case When Status=Active the Entry/Exit Else Exit/Entry END. in WRS or Information Map based Data Item.

If you are able to use relational data instead of a cube, you should be able to apply the techniques in this sample to conditionally highlight category values based on certain measure values:


Sample 40747: Conditionally highlighting category values in SAS® Web Report Studio


Obsidian | Level 7

Hi There,


In WRS Report, using Conditional Highliting, there is an alternative way even if we select Table.  Right Click on the Cross Tab - Select Conditional Highliting - In Rule Tab - Rule Assignment - there are TWO Options are there.  It will fulfil your requirement.  Please watch the attached Video and Screen Shot.


Thanks & Regards,

Venu Murala  | Sr. SAS Consultant.

Venu Murala
Calcite | Level 5



Thanks for your Reply. I am sorry, But this is not what I asked for, I need rule based on the Value of Status Column.


If Value of Status is "Active" then, The rule should be different i.e. if ratio is greater than 1 then it should be green else red.

If Value of Status is "Grace" then, The rule should be different i.e. if ratio is greater than 1 then it should be red else Green.


as so on for other values of Status Column.









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