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I want to have a from date and to date prompt for my report using olap cube as data source. When I try to create the date filter prompt, it dose not give me an option to create an individual date value prompt , i.e. let the user select a date from the calendar. Instead, it show a list of value base on the time dimension and the user need to select the dates from the long list. For example, if I want to see data from 11-15-2010 to 12-15-2010, I need to select all those dates from the list box.

Is there a way to use just two date prompts for a cube report? I noticed that this kind of prompt is available for reports that do not use cube.

SAS Employee
I was going to suggest creating two filters in Information Map (such as Start Time and End Time) however when selecting both of these within Web Report Studio a pop-up arises stating that only one filter per dimension can be used.

The other option is a SAS Stored Process where two prompts can be created. Note that the Stored Process code will need to include the proper MDX statements to select the range of members between the start time and end time prompt selections. Similar to the construct:
{([Time].[Month].[1] : [Time].[Month].[2] )}

~ Angela



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