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Calcite | Level 5
I am looking for the options on adding a Term of Use statement to the SAS Information Portal website. Currently we are using SAS 9.2 and JBoss which has many customization options in SAS but I haven't run across one that will handle this. My next option would be to put it as part of the description on a collection portlet on the Home tab so that users can read it after the log on.
SAS Employee
You could customize the logon page with a 'Term of Use' statement. This would be accomplished by modifying the logon.jsp file (C:\Program Files\SAS\SASWebInfrastructurePlatform\9.2\Static\wars\sas.svcs.logon\logon.jsp) and completing a redeploy to your web server.

However, this isnt a SAS supported mechanism (modifying the logon.jsp file directly). During upgrades the file could be overwritten.

Another option is to edit the portal system to include a footnote at the bottom of each page with the statement. This also is a modification to the .jsp files directly & will need to be backed-up and reinstated after each upgrade.

~ Angela
Calcite | Level 5
Thanks Angela. Do you know where the logon.jsp file will be on a Linux distribution? The only copy I can locate is in the JBOSS directory. ../jboss-4.2.0.GA/server/SASServer1/tmp/deploy/tmp52458sas.svcs.logon-exp.war/logon.jsp. I was expecting from your note that I would first need to update the SAS version and then move it over.
Calcite | Level 5
We did this in SAS 9.1 by:

- Editing the public portal page, via sasguest (who owns it by default)
- Adding a text portlet with the disclamer text
- Adding a text portlet, that contained the login form (scrapped from the login page html)
- Directing all users to the public page not the login page

We also added a url portlet that showed the EDW load status

You will need to renable the public home page (its off by default in 9.2) but it should work.
SAS Employee
The logon.jsp file within jboss is typically not viewable unless you expand your EAR files. The location you referenced below is actually the temp file of the current jboss session. Once you reboot jboss, this file could be overwritten.

The EAR files are located in:

The logon.jsp file I referenced is the SAS version that is available in the location where SAS 9.2 was installed. Not sure where that might be on your linux system. After modifying the logon.jsp file here - you would then need to redeploy the webapps.

~ Angela


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