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Amethyst | Level 16

Dear all,


I would like to know how to set a custom logon page in SAS Viya - full deployment. It seems as it is supported, and there is some documentation (the sas.logon.custom properties), but the effect is not the desired.


While I would expect that the modified html would replace the default login page, it seems as it is only creating a kind-of iframe just below the default login's user and password prompts. Thus, only showing a very small piece of the customized html.


Any proved way to switch to a full replacement of the login page? 


Thank you in advance,

Kind regards,




SAS Employee

Hi Juan,


when searching on how to customize the SAS Viya Logon page, I found your question from a coupld of months ago, with - unfortunately - no answer...

Did you ever succeed in costomizing this little iFrame ?

(I would already be glad to start with just this iFrame...)


I can see I have to pass reference to  URI but don't know how to feed this URI , and where to store it ?

What is the format of this URI ?


Any hints ?


Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @WouterVdW , Wouter,


many thanks for your interest.

I do not have a full solution yet. For now, I only achieved to create an html, and that html to appear in the little iframe behind login.


Somehow, I have 2 tickets with SAS Technical Support: 7612565048 and 7612516290.

I see you are a SAS Employee: You might want to give a look, and perhaps even include your interest in the ticket/s.


One of the tickets is at this moment managed by Global Support, hopefully receiving an answer soon.


What I can share with you at this moment is how I could include the html in the little iframe for customizations. 2 simple steps, as docummented in


  1. Save the new html page in .. /var/www/html/ . (say, your page is yournewpage.html) 
  2. In the Environment Manager -> Configuration -> Definitions -> sas.logon.custom -> https://${myhost}/yournewpage.html

Best regards,


Calcite | Level 5

Hello @JuanS_OCS @WouterVdW 

Many thanks for your comments. I also only achieved to create the little iframe. Did any of you guys found a full solution? My goal is to add an additional logo on the standard SASLogon page on SAS Viya 3.5. 


Best regards,