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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi everbody,


In my company, we are looking for the solution SAS Risk Modelling on SAS Viya Azure, I understand that as the solution SAS 9.4 SAS Credit Scoring, this solution needs a database to work. 


Reading the documentation of SAS Risk Modelling, it suppose to support Teradata and SAS FileSystem, i want to know if there is a update on the documentation.. because i know that the FoundationMart would be accesible by CASLIB so why does it just support 2 technology? there is a problem why other database perhaps..synapseSQL, Hive, others?  


For my case, could be a problem because we are working with Azure ADLS Gen2, Databricks and SynapseSQL.


I expect your help.





#riskmodelling #sasviyaazure

Opal | Level 21


This sounds like the type of questions (and you will have more) where you best contact your local SAS office directly via the SAS account manager for your site. Or you raise a SAS Tech Support ticket and they put you on the right path.

Given that the documentation you cite is only available to licensed sites I assume that you've already got an instance under SAS 9.4 so it's also about migration. Eventually a bit a more formal way via a RFP (Request for a Proposal) will get you faster to where you need to be. ...but it all starts with talking to your local SAS office/representative first and go from there.

Tourmaline | Level 20

If we are isolating the CASLIB question: you can load pretty much any data to a CASLIB, more or less efficient.

Lately SAS has developed a tighter CASLIB integration with SIngleStore.

How this comes to play with SAS Risk solutions is different question, in which I suggest @Patricks suggestions.

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