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Calcite | Level 5

Hi everyone.


I am trying to filter a table in SAS VA based on values from a different table. For example, let:


Table A: 

Name          Age           Sex

Pete            21               M

Rose           23               F

Hank           45               M




Table B: 

Name          Pet

Pete            dog               

Hank           dog               

Hank           cat               

James         fish             

Rose           cat             



I would like to be able to select "dog", from table B, through a filter and retrieve information about Pete and Hank from table A. Does anyone know if this is possible in SAS VA?





Rhodochrosite | Level 12

You can build an interaction so when you click on one of the names the details for that name is shown.

I.e, you filter table b on dog and get two rows. Then you click on one of the names and filter table1.


If you want the two names at once, I think you need to join data in the data prep so you get all in the same table.



Calcite | Level 5
Hi frederike and thanks for your answer. I tried that already and it's not working for me. I'm working with tables of big size (3G, 12.000.000 rows): do you think this could be an issue?
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

No it shouldn't be a problem.

I have a similiar report (with two tables) where I filter one table upon department and then I select one contract from the first table and in the second I show the details for that contract.


My tables are ~5 Gb.


In my case every click sows just 5-10 rows with details, maybe you get to many there?




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